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Join us in restoring a culture of truth, beauty, and goodness through art. Your donation allows artists to glorify God and captivate souls with the traditions of Church art and the truth it brings to life.  Your generosity brings us closer to a world where art inspires, uplifts, and renews. Be a hero of beauty. Donate today and help us create a future where art glorifies God and touches hearts.
Please prayerfully consider partnering with us to support our mission by giving monthly or by making a one-time contribution. 


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Changing the Culture through Education, Community & Grace

Today our cultural heritage of beauty is threatened. Within academia, in major art institutions, in our culture at large, and regrettably, within the Church itself, traditional standards of beauty are often seen as irrelevant or are directly attacked. The Catholic Art Institute offers a community of mutual support to those working to uphold the value of beauty and revivify the arts.


Mass Association

Our work and that of our members is supported through our Mass Association and the prayer support of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius. We believe prayer is critical to our mission to restore the Catholic arts and a culture of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

We also open our annual conference and many events with a beautiful Mass at St. John Cantius, praying together as a community.


Workshops & Sacred Art Prize

We offer workshops in traditional art-making techniques not offered elsewhere including medieval illumination, classical drawing and composition, painting, gilding, and stained glass fabrication. We hope to train a new generation of artists and preserve these time-honored techniques.

We support artists with our Sacred Art Prize, providing artists an opportunity to show, sell, promote their work, and receive prize money.


Educational Events

We host the leading scholars, artists, architects, philosophers, and theologians of our day for educational events. Through our speaker series, podcasts, and our annual conference, we provide preeminent education, resources, and inspiration to all those interested in the elevation of the visual arts.

Our annual conference, hosted at the elegant Drake Hotel, is our largest event and a unique opportunity for networking and community building while enjoying engaging presentations by leading scholars in the arts.

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