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Cody joins the podcast for an interview about his award winning work, art training, teaching, and faith journey, as well as offering advice to aspiring artists.


Cody Joseph Swanson is an American sculptor who lives in Florence, Italy
with his wife and five children. He holds an Level one Masters Diploma in Liturgy, Sacred Art and Architecture from the European University in Rome, and studied sculpture in the three year certificate program of the Florence Academy of Art, where he continued to teach for five years. Swanson is a co-founder and former board member of the Sacred Art School of Florence, and spearheaded their traditional sculpture program for nine years.

At his recently established private studio in north Florence, he
continues to produce award winning sculpture for churches and private
collections throughout Europe and the United States. Noteworthy examples can be found at the Duomo of Florence, St Dominic’s Priory of London, The Benedictine Monastery of Norcia, St Joseph Cathedral of Sioux Falls, SD, Saint Patrick’s Church of New Orleans, LA, The National Shrine of Mary at Holy Hill, WI, Campus Bio-medico of Rome, the Jesuit High School of Tampa, FL, and Eglise Notre Dame des Accoules, Marseille.

Tremendous love for classical art and architecture with pursuit of
continuity have formed Swanson's methods, while prestigious commissions, gallery representation, and academic  positions have demonstrated an ability to aptly organize budgets, timetables, and curricula.

For commissions and more information please visit:


Madonna and Child with Goldfinch,   Marble, 2020
Church of Sancta Maria Misericordiea,
Benedictine Monastery

of Norcia, Italy


A selection of recent commissions

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