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2020 Online Sacred Art Competition and Exhibition


Curated by Dr. Denis McNamara,

Director of the Center for Beauty and Culture at Benedictine College.

1_Fr Silouan_Justiniano_ St. Innocent of

1st Prize

"St. Innocent of Alaska"

by Fr. Silouan Justiniano

egg tempera and gold on gessoed panel

18" x  32"



Juror's Comments: This painting was chosen for its evidence of mastery of the art of iconography and its fulfilment of the selection criteria: a saint is chosen who is at once human and divinized, with a face revealing the human passions transformed by grace. His expression shows the pathos proper to a missionary subject to hardship, yet also a subdued intellectual vitality of one contemplating the face of God suitable to his role as first resident Orthodox bishop of Alaska. The complexity of the secondary and tertiary images are masterfully composed and read in proper visual hierarchy: the elaboration of the vestments, which contain, in effect, 4 smaller icons within; the depictions of historical scenes in the Alaskan landscape which speak of his role as evangelizer and translator of the scriptures into local languages; the scroll signifying his authority as a scholar and bishop which adds vitality by extending outside the frame of the image itself.

2_David_Troncoso_ St. Michael, oil on pa

2nd Prize

"St. Michael"

by David Troncoso

Oil on panel and gilded pine



Juror's Comments: This painting was chosen for its character of being recognizably Western yet bringing forth the sacramental qualities expressed in the competition selection criteria. Masterfully executed on board, it shows a moment of dramatic activity in slaying Satan, yet the image captures an effortless stillness that makes it outside of earthly time. The golden background with its implied arcade indicates a place yet preserves its placelessness. As a whole it harkens back to late medieval or Northern Renaissance inspiration, yet reads as clearly fresh and suitable as prompting for prayer today. In addition, the artist designed and fabricated the frame, which harmonizes with and magnifies its importance as an object for prayer rather than an art piece to be examined.

3_Neilson_Carlin_ St. Marianne of Moloka

3rd Prize

"St. Saint Marianne of Moloka’i"

by Neilson Carlin

Oil on canvas, 22" x 22"



Juror's Comments: This painting was chosen as a strong example of devotional art which emphasizes the humanity and earthliness of a saint while masterfully giving her the stillness and glorified energy typical of iconic representation. Notably, the image captures the light and rich color of Moloka’i and an idealized, atmospheric background of jewel-like colors, setting both the historical scene and a sense of the saint’s currently heavenly home. The painting sets up the stark contrast of black and white of Marianne’s habit with the blues of sky and ocean, then is punctuated by the vibrant color of the hibiscus in her hands, giving the whole a luminous quality while remaining tangible and approachable. Her face reveals a heavenly serenity and idealization without losing her humanity, while the jeweled trompe l’oeil frame further indicates the image is more than a mere portrait, but meant for veneration and prayer.


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First Place: Father Silouan Justiniano, "St. Innocent of Alaska"
Second Place: David Troncoso, "St. Michael”
Third Place: Neilson Carlin, "St. Marianne of Moloka'i"

Honorable Mentions:
Neilson Carlin, "St. Maximilian Kolbe"
Matthew Conner, "Vesperbild"
Ivanka Demchuk, "Annunciation"
Martin Earle, "Murals at St. Francis of Assisi Church"
Vladimir Grygorenko, "The Annunciation"
Vivian Imbruglia, "St. Peter Faber"
Father Silouan Justiniano, "St. Mamas of Caesarea"
Anna and Jeff Koh, "Ascension of Christ"
Elena Murariu, "Saint Apostle Luke"
Benjamin Patterson, "Noli Me Tangere"
Jacek Tuszynski, "Christ in Rome"
Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs, "Madonna"

Christopher Alles, “Pieta”
Nathan Brandner, "St. Francis’ Stigmata"
Neilson Carlin, "St. Joan of Arc"
Bernadette Carstensen, "Mary Star of the Sea", "Mary Magdalen", "St. John’s Revelation", and "St. Catherine of Siena"
Martinho Correia, "Anastasis"
Matthew Conner, "St. Joseph" and "Memento Mori"
Sarah Crow, "Jesus is Laid in the Tomb"
Eileen Cunis, "The Annunciation"
Ivanka Demchuk, "Resurrection" 
Randy and Chris Dixon, "Apocalyptic Advent Calendar"
Joseph Ferrant, "Christ the Good Shepherd"
Nancy Gezella, "St. Joseph" and "St. Paul"
Vladimir Grygorenko, "Mother of Our Lord with Child", "Second Coming", and "The Transfiguration with stories of prophets and Mother of God"
Vivian Imbruglia, “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” and “Merciful Like the Father”
Christine Jentz, "Annunciation"
Father Silouan Justiniano, "St. Mary of Egypt" and "St. Zosimas and St. Onouphrios the Great"
Kurt Klein, "Spiritus"
Anna and Jeff Koh, "Good Shepherd"
Kelly Latimore, “Mama”
Inga Long, "St. Michael"
Joseph Macklin, "Blessed Mother and Sleeping Child", "Memento", and "Blessed Sacrament"
Nathan McDevitt, "St. Francis Xavier"
David Mitchell, "The Second Day"
Elena Murariu, "Parable of the Ten Virgins", "Archangel Gabriel", "Jonah", and "St. Mary of Egypt"
Benjamin Patterson, "Pieta"
Robert Puschautz, "The Immaculate Conception" and "Madonna of the Roses"
David Troncoso, "The Virgin Reading"
Susan Scheer-Jasper, "Calvary"
Patrice Scheikun, “Blessed Sister Rosalie Rendu”
Tanya Seeman, "The Sower Went to Sow"
David Tutwiler, "Illumination from Above - St. Therese of Avila, St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome"


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